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What I do see in the West is that if a victim of sexual abuse and a perpetrator are identified, the repercussions are harsh.This stark contrast explains why I don’t feel offended by comments which depict all Muslims as sexual predators.Yet a recent study by the Initiator Human Development Foundation in Karachi found that 21 percent of students at madrassas (Islamic religious schools) have been sexually abused by their teachers, that 52 percent have been sexually harassed, that 28 percent have complained of unpleasant touching, and that 20 percent have complained of forced sex.In my research on the topic I spoke to Ayesha, a woman in her 30s who comes from a well educated and prosperous family. When I was very young the maulvi [Islamic teacher] who came to our house to teach us used to molest me while I was praying – after telling me that I wasn’t allowed to let anything distract me while I pray.” Obviously, the entire act of prayer has been tainted for this woman.I can say with a high degree of certainty that not all Muslim men rape their daughters, sisters, or mothers.Yet by giving in to societal pressures which do not allow fathers and brothers to openly hold perpetrators of abuse responsible, they contribute to the mental torture of the victim.When it comes to such cases, Pakistani laws are themselves absuve.But those of us who would like to see the laws changed refuse to raise a national outcry, for we fear the wrath of the religious masses.

She proceeded to tell me that true Muslim sex should occur only between marital couples under the following circumstances: “In the dark, without removing the woman’s shirt and only lowering the lower garments to the knees.” When I speak to fellow Muslims about these problems, many don’t even identify them as distinctively Muslim.Whether the act is committed by a cousin, uncle, house servant, or stranger, the victim is likely to be subjected to further abuse and emotional torment if she opens her mouth about it.In Pakistan’s and Afghanistan’s tribal areas the disgusting practice of bacchabazee is an accepted form of entertainment.For example, it is a common occurrence in Pakistan for many married couples to be sexually active only to produce children.Many doctors come across married women who exhibit the symptoms of diseases linked to a celibate lifestyle.

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Moreover, there is not yet sufficient legislation addressing such offenses.

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