Australian singer dating claire danes

Australian singer dating claire danes

(Source: Quora) Kinder Surprises are hugely popular throughout many parts of the world, but these chocolate eggs with a toy in the middle are banned in the United States. Worries about the choking hazard that could be posed by a non-food product (or "non-nutritive component") entirely encased in food. (Source: Quora) Apparently, some Australian politicians thought that pornography featuring women with breasts considered "small" would encourage pedophilia.People have even been detained for trying to return to the U. The Australian Classification Board started refusing classification of these materials as a way of discouraging them.(Source: Quora) Well, not exactly.The ban was meant to help curb a gaming addiction amongst members of the South Korean public.(Source: Quora) It may seem strange that in a country where cities like Tokyo are renowned for their nightlife, dancing in clubs is illegal, but it's true.A law passed in 1948 to protect "public morals" has meant that, technically, dancing in public venues is only permissible at specially licensed establishments, and only until midnight.The phenomenon has even been dubbed the "My Way Killings." (Source: Quora) This 1999 film starring Jodie Foster and Chow Yun-fat (as well as a young Tom Felton, aka Draco Malfoy) ran afoul of Thai film censors, who argued that the movie was insulting to the royal family and distorted the country's history.According to a 1930 law, any film that disrespects the Thai monarchy will face a ban, and filmmakers can even receive jail time.Matt and Minnie began dating in 1996 after starring together in Good Will Hunting — and because quippy celebrity couple names weren't a thing at the time, they missed an opportunity to be called "Mannie." Anyway, their relationship ended about a year later in a sort of cringeworthy way; Matt appeared on Oprah and denied having a girlfriend, so Minnie found out she was single along with the rest of the world.Matt and Winona were introduced in late 1997 by none other than Gwyneth Paltrow, who at the time was good friends with Winona and also dating Matt's BFF, Ben Affleck.

There is an exception for people who have a medical prescription for gum.

(Source: Quora) Well, movies and shows about time travel.

Actual time travel isn't possible yet, unless China knows something the rest of us don't.

Anyway, apparently Chinese authorities felt that representations of time travel resulted in frivolous depictions of "serious history," so they decided to ban it.(Source: Quora) Last year, the South African government announced that it was banning the taking and publicizing of images of the home of President Jacob Zuma, even amongst established media outlets.

Naturally, plenty of newspapers defied the ban and published pictures of the home anyway.

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