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I also get a small allowance from him each month behind my Mother's back and he never tells me what I can or can't spend it on, just that I have to keep whatever I buy hidden from her as carefully as I can; I usually buy little lipsticks or eye shadow packs that fit in my school bag and I, of course, leave it in my locker at school to be put on in the mornings.The best thing of all that my Daddy got me was on the day of my birthday last week.Mental Mama would put her foot down and Daddy would just roll his eyes, shake his head, look at me with a sad expression, then he would vanish into his study or the garage.

I get special after school treats from him most weekdays behind my Mother's back; an ice cream cone from one place or a fancier shampoo and conditioner than the generic one my Mother buys me.I storm into my bedroom and slam the door, then throw myself down on the bed and sob. I had just gotten into a huge fight with my Mother about my boyfriend; I hadn't ever had a boyfriend before and just wanted to spend some time with him before he had to go to work tonight, so I invited him over to hang out for a bit. I should be allowed to have company over without my parents there to supervise my every move and it isn't like my Mom came home to find us fucking or anything like that; we were just making out, seeing how compatible we were, and yeah..hands were wandering, but it was an innocent exploration and only on top of the clothes. I'm still a virgin, after all, and he's my first boyfriend ever. Daddy would fight her on it every time, of course, and remind her that I'm my own person, that she can't keep treating me like I'm going to make the same mistakes as her; he would tell her that she needed to relax with me because I've been such a good girl for my entire life and that they should trust me more, that she was going to push me away like she did my Sister, but it wouldn't matter. I grip at my pillow case until my knuckles are white, my tears pouring uncontrollably. I only just started dating after my 18th birthday last week when my Daddy had finally put his foot down and told my Mother to relax a bit with her stupid rules; before that, I've spent my whole life being treated like my Mother getting knocked up with my older Sister as a young teen way back in the day was MY fault and, if I even LOOKED at boys, my Mother would ground me for the entire week.Much to my delight, he took me to a popular lingerie store that I have heard all of the girls at school bragging about.We had looked at one another, me in surprise and he with pure excitement; then he had put the car in park and we had climbed out of the car to go into the store where he then bought me my first ever "racy" pair of panties.

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She had told me that she knew the second my slut body started to develop into the sexier shape that it would only be a matter of time before I behaved like the slut I resembled; I had been mortified because not only had it all happened in front of my boyfriend, but she was screaming it all loudly enough that I knew even our neighbors had to hear her and all I had done was make out for the first time, ever! I think my Daddy does, too, but I think he didn't want to leave her and risk a custody battle.

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