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I suggest you work headless on the RPi – the overhead of managing a GUI which you’ll rarely use isn’t worth -q O - 'https://bintray.com/user/download Subject Public Key?

username=openhab' |sudo apt-key add - echo "deb stable main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/d/sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install openhab-runtime sudo update-rc.d openhab defaults[Open HAB Home] comment= Open HAB Home path=/usr/share/openhab browseable=Yes writeable=Yes only guest=no create mask=0777 directory mask=0777 public=no [Open HAB Config] comment= Open HAB Site Config path=/etc/openhab browseable=Yes writeable=Yes only guest=no create mask=0777 directory mask=0777 public=no I also commented out the Printers section.

It’s pretty daunting, but for the most part you’ll be copy pasting code fragments from examples elsewhere to create your own custom interface.

Here’s the technical overview of all possible sitemap elements, but for now it will suffice just to start thinking about what kind of interface you want to build and what information you want to display.

Now that you’ve had a quick peruse of the sitemap and items folder, let’s break down exactly what these files are and the other main components of Open HAB that combine to create your complete smart home.

You’ll find subdirectories for each of these in the Open HAB Config shared folder.

The first part of this guide focuses specifically on how to get Open HAB setup with a Raspberry Pi 2, but further on, the tutorials and advice can be applied to anywhere Open HAB is installed.

This guide covers three introductory topics, and one slightly more advanced.). Note that Open HAB will run on the original Raspberry Pi too, but there’s a known issue with slower processing and Z-Wave devices.

If you’ve got your eye on the debug log file, you should see a flutter of activity as it notices the new bindings and whirs into action. A sitemap describes the user interface – not the actual devices on your network or sensors – just the interface to view them. To have a look at how this one has been created, open up the sitemaps/demo.sitemap file on the Open HAB Config share.

While you’re in there, open up items/demo.items too.

Again, looks scary, but this is where you create items to control and define sensors to track.

At the time of writing, the latest stable version of Open HAB is version 1.71; version 1.8 is expected soon, and everything in this guide should still be relevant, though certain bindings may have more features.

Version 2 is also currently available as a very early alpha preview, but adopts a dramatically different architecture to the Open HAB 1 series: this guide is not compatible with version 2.

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Items is an inventory of every control device, sensor, or information element you want in your system.

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