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See and talk with Rock's Diva, Robin Beck on Skype. so telling and so intimate that it will cause projectile tears to rush from your eyes... I felt free to be creative and daring, to enjoy the music that we were writing and dare to dream bigger dreams. just tell him, I hate you cause I love you, and it's just how we are.

You can also win Robin's collection of special CD's and DVD. So you all know by now that me and Fiona are buds... 10 original compositions written by- Beck/Denander/Christian, and a really surprising cut written for me titled, "Baby I'm Not A Bitch" by the Elements, a writing force from the UK. It provokes all my feeling about how precious life is and how the best choice is, to choose life. Did you ever feel like your partner wasn't listening and you just wanted to give to em'?

A special tribute song dedicated to my dear friend Jeff Kent produced by Tommy Denander and James Christian. All of you, every single one of you that came out to see me and travelled far and wide, I love you with all of my heart and thank you. I would also like to add that I had a blast at Firefest with everyone and will look forward to seeing everyone again in the future. Nothing like a good Festival with great artists and fun! Having said that I would also like to say how special it was for me to be able to sing for everyone who came out just to see me and my boys on the Tour that followed Firefest. Can't compete with a festival for numbers but there was no lack of love x a million from the gang that stood before me to greet me every night.

We are very excited to announce the upcoming release of Robin Beck's new album "Underneath". will be playing Bass in her backing band along with other great musicians such as Tommy Denander and BJ Zampa.

Her talent combined with her tenacity and her effervescent personality all add up to an amazing human being."Robin Beck adds, "Songs like these don't come around often enough!

Past lottery tickets from the Christmas Bundle will be will be honored.

But you gotta be in it to win it so get your copy now. "Firefest" in Nottingham where only the most dedicated fans can be found gathered under one roof... About 3,000 screaming loving fans to rock out with... After "Firefest" I'm off to a mini tour of my own in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, after so many years of studio dedication and raising my daughter Olivia I finally had a night out... Here we are and now it's 2013 and the gloves are off. Thank you Karma :-) Must be all those years of takin' it in the chin as a kid. Anyone who's ever read my bio will surely understand. The sentiment is my life story in terms of dynamics in many relationships... well in honor of our budship I just had to do one of her songs. At the same time it presses the issue of being responsible for your actions, single woman listen up. No one serves it up better than Joe Lynn Turner and the song was just made for the two of us, literally... Well here's your new Anthem-Don't tell me when to laugh, don't tell me not to cry, and don't tell me everything is alright! a true lament of how we really do feel and to close this album that was made with so much love and so much commitment that the song just sang itself!

Drawing Sept 21st 20132012 Started out with a bang! Then it was off to do a European Tour with the famed "Rock meets Classic" with the likes of Jimi Jamison, Ian Gillan, Chris Thompson, and Steve Lukather. The new Cd about to come out this August is just CRAZY GOOD! Now we all know that she's raw energy and I really can't hold a candle to her to tell the truth... This song is talking about taking the bull by the horns and showing you girls how to keep him in line and get your man at the same time... Get it off your chest kinda song that rocks from beginning to end. This song is a poetic verse on trying to survive the ups and downs and ins and outs of life in general. everyone has a story to tell but you gotta pick yourself up by your bootstraps and make it back to what you believe in. Another fantastic duet between James Christian and me... I have never had more fun or more excitement making a record before this one...

Released on HMMR Records through Cargo Records on August 12th in the UK and August 15th in the rest of Europe. but then again, who isn't it about just a little bit.25 years in the making and I'm still in love with this song. For ticketing information and other useful info related to the event please visit the official Firefest website The line-up also features Jimmy Kresic (keyboards), Alex Beyrodt (PRIMAL FEAR, VOODOO CIRCLE/guitars), Oliver Hartmann (AVANTASIA/guitars, vocals), Martin Schmidt (drums), Amanda Somerville (TRILLIUM, AVANTASIA/vocals), Tiffany Krikland (vocals), Verena Schock (vocals), Ralf Scheepers (PRIMAL FEAR/vocals), Sascha Krebs (vocals), Bernhard Fabuljan (conductor) and Mat Sinner (bass, vocals). We took our time making this new CD and the results of our efforts are blazing hot!

Once again Robin will hold a lottery: 3 lucky guys or gals will receive a personal call from Robin. Working with James Chirstian (Producer) and Tommy Denander (Co-Producer) prove to be the winning formula for me. Relationships are hard, but they don't have to be impossible...

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Becks husband James Christian (House Of Lords) co-produced, while Tommy Denander (Robins long standing music partner) co-produced the song Girl Like Me, with Maor Appelbaum mastering the album.

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