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Dating black fat woman

Both Big Shirley and Rasputia are hyper-sexualized, a constant threat to vulnerable men who lack the facilities or wherewithal to decline the sexual advances of plus-sized women like they’re supposed to. As a fat Black woman of dating age, it was extremely disheartening to see myself portrayed as some kind of desperate animal lacking in the self-awareness to know that I lacked the qualities to be considered part of anyone’s dating pool.

I was called Rasputia and Big Shirley and Big Sesali by mean-spirited peers in middle and high school.

And my naive younger self, with very little of the Black feminist sensibilities I have today, laughed right along with the rest of his audience.

There was something wrong with what I was accepting as entertainment, something that spoke to the physical being of myself and all of the other women in my family.

The truth is that caricatures of Black womanhood from men are usually more harmful to women.

They rely on tropes about Black women being ghetto, uncivilized, and unattractive; stereotypes that Black women still have to fight against everyday. Black Instagram comedians use Black women as characters so much that it’s not uncommon for them to be hired to promote weave companies.

One of the strong suits of its titular star Martin Lawrence was that he could easily hilariously play other characters, both male and female, on the show.

Local street hustler Jerome and Martin’s over-the-top next door neighbor Sheneneh Jenkins are arguably more beloved characters than Martin himself.

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Boys would tease each other by suggesting that one of them had a crush on me.

Much of the literature and discourse about Black male comedians in drag — both plus and straight sized — is about emasculation.

As a male comedian, Perry was offering an offensive and problematic representation of plus-sized Black women to the masses.

And this representation did not start or end with Madea., were a thing.

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