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On the other hand, the new laws have left local communities scrambling to decide how much to allow the industry to grow locally, if at all.At the same time, legalization advocates fear state officials have established a regulatory framework that limits the free market, shuts out small-time growers and passes on higher costs to patients.“This policy was designed with business interests in mind,” said Matthew Abel, a lawyer and executive director of the Michigan chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.Dispensaries will pay a 3 percent tax on gross sales, possibly on top of the existing 6 percent sales tax.And players in the new system will take on more costs to pay authorized transporters and testing facilities.In a series of rulings, state appellate courts said the medical marijuana law did not offer protection for retail stores, though caregivers and patients have tried to keep dispensaries open as nonprofit “collectives” or “clubs.”In the more cannabis-friendly areas such as Ann Arbor and Lansing, dozens of dispensaries have operated without much interference from local or state authorities.But the facilities have remained illegal under state law, and in areas such as Grand Rapids they have shut down after raids by police.Michael Callton, a Nashville Republican who sponsored the licensing measures.

But he said some caregivers pushed back against safety testing regulations and simply wanted lawmakers to legitimize their illicit business model.“There will always be an underground or black market,” Callton said.“If you want to buy cheaper, untested marijuana from some guy named Biff in the back alley, there will always be that option, but it will still be illegal.”Cory Davis, a 35-year-old Buchanan resident and medical marijuana cardholder, grows his allotment of plants for personal use at home, but between harvests he travels as far as Kalamazoo to buy from a dispensary.“You have to go to different cities you may not be familiar with and engage in activities a lot of the public doesn’t approve of, so it’s stressful,” Davis said.“If we had a dispensary here in Buchanan, to me that would be historic.”Beyond the state’s licensing process, which has yet to fully take shape, local governments may decide whether or not to allow the newly legalized facilities in their communities.“That could change based on the blowback we get from the public, but that’s what a public hearing is for.We want to hear people’s comments and we’re keeping an open mind.”Several people have approached Buchanan officials about opening new medical marijuana facilities in the city, including Wallace, who wants to set up his dispensary in a 1,000-square-foot building in the 1100 block of Red Bud Trail North.

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“They’re not in favor of (marijuana) but they’re trying to get ahead of the curve so they can implement their system instead of something that’s more free and open.”The changes will create licenses for commercial growers, processors, secure transporters, testing facilities and retail dispensaries.

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