Intimidating colors to wear

However, Dijkstra and Preenen point out several confounding factors that the previous study did not account for.

Dutch researchers Peter Dijkstra of the University of Glasgow and Paul Preenen of the University of Amsterdam have investigated the claim of a previous study that judo athletes wearing blue uniforms were more likely to win compared with those in white uniforms during the 2004 Olympics.Supposedly, blue could have an intimidating effect on opponents, since it is brighter than white.Further, white uniforms might be easier to see than blue uniforms, giving the athlete in blue the advantage of anticipating the movements of an opponent in white.In the blue section, the horses soon quieted down after running , but in the red section they remained hot and restless for some time.It was found out that there was no flies in the blue section, and a great many in the red section.

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Dijkstra and Preenan just advise that researchers be careful to account for all contributing factors when investigating color-associated winning biases in sports.

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