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I washed myself again, put on all my clothes, got under the covers. In retrospect, I feel now that there was more I could have done and my mindset now is one of tremendous speculation. There was no guard to be found, and so I was left to fend for myself. S., West Virginia, 9/16/96 Prison rapes occur for a number of reasons. It's their method of sacrificing the weak inmates to achieve and maintain control of the stronger aggressive or violent inmates. F., Missouri, 9/21/96 [I] was sent to the orientation block to be cellmate with another prisoner already occupying a double cell. On my fourth day of sharing the cell, I was ambushed and viciously raped by him. In 1992 I came to this Unit and was put into population. I let him use me and my body as if I were a real woman for his personal sexual gratification. The memory I have of my arrival is yells, mating calls and whistling at me as I walked to my cell at am. period I received over a hundred notes asking who was my man, or threatening me, and more verbal threats, I attempted suicide by cutting my wrist; the only escape I could envision.

" The other said, "And if you do and you get transferred, you'll still die." At that time, I really believed them, and I still think this today. D, Virginia, 9/16/96 I remember after he left, the sun was rising, I was standing there in total shock. I didn't know what to do, so I just sat down on the commode and let what they ejaculated in me come out. As I got up, I noticed the water in the commode was red. I cannot fully state to you now the actual feelings of guilt or shame I felt at the time. In September, 1994, during the week of Labor Day, I was accosted and raped in the shower . I was left badly bruised and crying, with a pretty hopeless outlook on the whole situation. The main reason why sexual assaults occur is because prison officials and staff promote them. I must point out that only a month and a half prior, he was accused of raping another man. Subjugation is mental, physical, financial, and sexual. Unless the new arrival is strong, ugly, and efficient at violence, they are subject to get seduced, coerced, or raped . I was tired of living in fear and gave in to his demands. Within 30 days I escaped from prison, the fear of being humiliated and treated as a sexual slave was too much and greater than the fear of being shot or prosecuted. "The World's Largest Walled Prison" known for its stabbings and sexual attacks on young white males.

I was certain that I had indeed been sentenced to Hell. All open Homosexuals are preyed upon and if they don't choose up they get chosen. P., Arkansas, 9/24/96 When a new inmate enters an open barracks prison it triggers a sort of competition among the convicts as to who will seduce and subjugate that new arrival. Psychosocially, emotionally, and physically the most dangerous and traumatic place I can conceive of is the open barracks prison when first viewed by a new inmate. V., Arkansas, 9/25/96 I was too embarrassed to tell the [corrections officers] what had happened [that I had been raped] . It was everywhere and escape seemed utterly hopeless. Having just turned 19 years old, they transfered me to Jackson prison.

While the entire incident did not last more than a few minutes, it seemed like an eternity. Another patient there in the same dorm as me said he liked me and wanted to have sex with me. After beating the DOC's attempt to prosecute me for escape, they enacted their vengeance.

To prevent so much damage in struggles, ripping and tearing. Then it's up to you to decide whether you enjoy it or not. Now I dont know why but I refused I said please dont so he hits me 3 times in my face and upper body I come down off the top bunk to try and defend my self but before I have a chance he pulls out a knife on me! A new inmate needs to come into the system ready to fight and with a strong mind. They go to a job or fall off in a cell agree to be easy, keep it between them, just do each other, ect. It's a no win situation and frustration often leads them to keep up the practice. B., Texas, 10/13/96 Another game is to get an inmate indebted to an inmate give them a week to have your money when they don't it automatically doubles. Even if the new comer has someone out there that will send the money, by the time they write and the money is sent and posted it's too late anyway. I tried to fight back, which resulted in my jaw being broke in 3 places. J., Georgia, 10/13/96 The man who is responsible for my rape has a history of this type of behaviour. His method of approach is lending smokes and drugs to get them in debt and then asks to be repaid. It's similar to how a sexual abuse victim, afterward, begins to believe there is something wrong with them that caused the abuse to happen, which causes them to accept part of the responsibility for their abuse. S., Texas, 10/17/96 Being raped in prison is degrading and humiliating. Telling me "move fag." I asked him what the hell was his problem. Their mentality is the tougher, colder, and more cruel and inhuman a place is, the less chance a person will return. The more negative experiences a person goes through, the more he turns into a violent, cruel, mean, heartless individual, I know this to be a fact. L., New York, 10/21/96 Transexuals and homosexuals are for the most part viewed as weak. The aggressive person (male role) isn't considered a homosexual, or bisexual. Only the passive (female role) is considered homosexual or bisexual. S., Mississippi, 10/21/96 To begin let me tell you a little about myself. I feel I should also add because it has bearing on some of the observations I'll share with you, I'm gay and have been since I was aware of my sexuality . This is the kind of assault where one or more individuals attack another individual and by beating and subduing him force sex either anal or oral on him. An example of this would be, when an individual tells a weaker individual that in order to avoid being assulted by the individual who's speaking he must submit to his demand for sex. In fear of the perpetrators, but even more signifagant, thay fear other people knowing thay've been victomized in this mannor.

Once the weaker inmate is hooked, the domineering inmate will share the details of his conquest with his buddies and then the weaker inmate finds himself dealing with more and more inmates vying for his services. I now have scar's where I've been gutted, under the right side of my chest below my heart, where my neck was cut open and under my left arm. Inmate [D] then said, "Either give it to Jesus or give it up." . Inmate [D] laid on the bed, took my head and forced himself inside my mouth [All four of them, plus one more] took turns anally and orally raping me at the same time. Somewhere in the middle of this, inmate [F] entered . It was another thirty days before an attorney was able to force the DOC to transfer me to another prison. But the dude I was riding with he protected me as long as I did sexual favors for him. So no one was there to stop this inmate from falling in my house.

Then inmate [D] said, "We want some ass." I said, "I don't think so, I don't play that shit." When he said this, I said to myself, "Oh no! " I looked toward the door for an escape route finding it blocked, I went into myself to prepare for the worst. He noticed the inmates in my cell and asked if everything was all right. [The officer] never came to the top tier during his round. Inmate [B] then stood in front of me and pulled out his penis and forced it into my mouth. Pulling me to my feet, he then took my boxers off, bent me over and forced his penis inside. I became obedient, telling myself at least I was surviving. This state of existence continued for two months until he sold me for .00 to another black male who purchased me to be his wife. It is probably more of a power thing by which one person can maintain absolute control over another, or use the other to settle some financial responsibility. M., Illinois, 10/8/96 As I told you in my last letter I was sexually assulted when I was let out of adminstrative segregation July 17/96 and it got around pretty quick that I was a "turnout" they all knew.

[T]hese guys commit these attacks for power & control, not for the sex although they are highly interested in sex. ) of these guys, it's a "badge of honor" for them, when they can abuse a "child molester" (especially sexually) and run them into p.c. Inmates are looked at and treated as subhuman across the board. I survived the attacks only because I fought several times.

I have told the unit werdon and a number of the officers on the unit and have not got the proper proteshone that I need and the unit classification have denide me transfer to a safe keeping unit a number of times. M., Texas, 10/1/96 I was dehumanzied by the lack of empathy prison officials have towards victims of sexual assault, potential victims, inmates safety in general. A victim for extortion, robbery and/or sexual assault.

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The government acts as if a "man" is supposed to come right out and boldly say "I've been raped." You know that if it is degrading for a woman, how much more for a man. B., Kansas, 9/28/96 The guys who perform/promote these assaults are the "tough-guy" sorts. The constant fear of being jumped by three or four guys and brutally beaten until I willingly let them sexually assault me, or was forced to endure a sexual assault, was too much for me. I thought that I had escaped the threat of rape, but I was wrong. My lawyer said that I had the best duress defense he'd ever seen.

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