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Rose came around about two months after the wedding, however, writing to Kathleen, "..long as you love Billy so dearly, you may be sure that we will all receive him with open arms."That August, Joe Jr., the apple of his parents' eye, was killed in an air crash in 1944 while serving in the Navy during World War II. A month later, Cavendish, a major in the British Army, was killed by a sniper in Belgium."I can't believe that the one thing I feared most should have happened..is so cruel," Kathleen wrote in her diary, according to Apparently learning little from what she went through before Kathleen's first marriage, Rose threatened to cut her daughter off without a cent if she went through with her intended second marriage, to soon-to-be-divorced 8th Earl Fitzwilliam, another Protestant, whom she'd met in the London social scene.Kathleen—known by the spunky nickname "Kick"—and Fitzwilliam were on route to the French Riviera when their plane went down in 1948. Because Fitzwilliam was still married, the family tried to downplay what they were doing together aboard that plane, calling them "friends."Joe Kennedy Sr.But, as his secretary Evelyn Lincoln would tell JFK biographer Michael O'Brien years later, the women continued to call his office. A few weeks before his wedding, Kennedy was vacationing in the South of France when he met a 21-year-old Swedish woman named Gunilla Von Post and proceeded to start a relationship that would last for two years."If I had met you one week before, I would have canceled the whole thing," Kennedy supposedly told Von Post, according to her 1997 memoir . The picture can't help but give off a menacing vibe; though Bobby is smiling, Monroe looks simultaneously on edge and displeased by whatever the president is saying. Fifteen-and-a-half months later, JFK would be dead too, assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas on Nov. The first lady was still wearing her blood-spattered suit when Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as president.

In the romance department alone, the Kennedys are unmatched when it comes to complex, often tragic couples.

was the only member of the family who attended Kathleen's funeral; Rose checked into a hospital for so-called routine medical tests. "Joe and Rose were not close but they respected one another," she told . Joe had just lost his son, Joe Jr., in the war and then four months after I went to work for him, he lost Kathleen, his favorite daughter.

She had done the same before Kathleen married Cavendish, though as it later came out, she was actually on the verge of a nervous breakdown. He used to cry and say 'I can't talk about them.' I think he needed someone to cling to and bring a little segment of happiness to his life."They had a nine-year relationship, but toward the end their sex life began to dwindle as Joe approached 70. 25, 1960, just a few weeks after JFK was elected 35th president of the United States.

Joe and Rose's fourth-eldest child, Kathleen Kennedy, married British lord William Cavendish against her mother's wishes in May 1944, Rose being a devout Catholic and not enthused by the idea of a Protestant son-in-law.

The bride's big brother Joe Jr., whom she was close to, was the only member of her family who attended the wedding, a quickie civil ceremony in London.

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Kennedy having had 11 children, there continue to be plenty of people to talk about, living and deceased.

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