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"I directed him to a few spots in the other direction along on 3rd Avenue. Inside an hour later, the band began to soundcheck. Word was singer/guitarist José González had been fighting a cold. Have you guys stepped it up on this tour with some Guns and Roses or Led Zeppelin shenanigans -- trashing hotel rooms, etc.? Every once in a while one of us might get too drunk and pass out on the bus or something. JG: Well, we did set off some fireworks two days ago in North Carolina. And Tobias revealed how his wife gave birth to their third child during this tour, whom so far he'd only met via Skype. What's different this time around compared to when Junip toured the States this past June? Tobias Winterkorn: The crowd is about the same in terms of number of people. They attended grade school together and began playing in hardcore bands in their early teens. José, at what point did you so decide you wanted to focus your creative energies on Junip? After my first album [Veneer], our first attempt with Junip was in 2005. JG: And Elias used to play drums in a death metal band. JG: One of our childhood friends -- Elias and I went to the same school with him -- he was really into death metal. On this scene they encountered Tobias playing in various hardcore and metal bands. I've been really bad at saying "no: to stuff, so I was always headed back out on tour. More about saying 'no' to other stuff -- not having a deadline, but starting to write and letting it take the time it needs. You guys met on the hardcore scene in Gothenburg in the 90's, which coincided with the city's death metal scene. What is it about Scandinavian death metal bands that's so different from metal bands here in the States? These two, like the three members of Junip themselves, were clearly old friends. TW: It's not as hardcore as it is in Norway actually, where they were setting fire to churches and tearing up graveyards.

With so many shows packed into such a short amount of time -- do you find it a bit of a grind?

You couldn't hear it, as the familiar timbre of his voice and nylon stringed-guitar warmly filled the empty room. He and his brother -- they were both very into death metal. TW: [laughter] So that's Swedish death metal for you. On Junip's first tour of the States last summer, I read the craziest rock star behavior you pulled was swimming in a hotel pool after-hours.

Junip travels with their own audio tech from Sweden, and the two conversed in their native tongue in casual tones and laughter-filled exchanges. And his brother put poop in the school ventilation system.

He lives with his illustrator girlfriend, Hannele Fernström, in Gothenburg. Because we’ve been travelling, we’ve been falling asleep really early, waking up at 2am and staying up one or two hours and then falling asleep again. Cafetiere I drink a coffee from this press [pictured] during the morning and one more during the afternoon.

I like that type of routine – the feeling of starting your day and of taking a break from something to make the coffee.

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The ten years since the band first formed had allowed its members to mature into adults with a newfound need to prioritize and appreciate what's important.

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